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 Thursday, 28 July 2011

For three weeks beginning on July 24, 2011, as part of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) Land Protection Program, the ATC and volunteers from the American Hiking Society and Frostburg State University will be marking the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) boundary in Andover, Maine.

Maine has more National Park Service (NPS) corridor boundary miles than any other state on the A.T.; with al
most twice as many boundary miles as its approximately 280 Trail miles. This is due to the fact that a large portion of the Trail is not located within the confines of National and State Parks.

“The Appalachian Trail Conservancy is excited to be able to tackle this project with the help of Frostburg University and the American Hiking Society,” said Carlen Emanuel, ATC Land Protection Manager. “Our combined efforts will help us recover the boundary near Andover, Maine and help protect the public’s investment in the lands that surround the A.T.”

The A.T. Boundary Crew works as a subsidiary of the Land Protection Program. Their main goal is to protect the lands that surround the A.T. Often the Trail passes through private lands and boundaries that must be monitored. To monitor, volunteers walk the edge of lands acquired for the Trail and assess them to ensure their continued conservation. To maintain it, volunteers repaint and brush out this boundary line to keep it well-marked. The Boundary Crew also educates nearby communities and landowners about the ATC’s conservation mission in an effort to mitigate encroachments on the corridor.

For more information on Boundary Crews, visit www.appalachiantrail.org/boundarycrew.

 Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Every long hiking trail begins with one person’s dream, followed by the ceaseless labor of a small group of volunteers. To become reality, that small group must grow into an army of volunteers. It sounds impossible, but it has been done. The Appalachian Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail are two examples in the USA. You can hike the Coast to Coast Trail across England, and the Trans Canada Trail i s in the works, spanning the width of Canada.

The vision and the labor of building a long trail are well underway in the small Central American country of Panama. A small team of volunteers is dreaming of building a trail from Columbia in the east, lengthwise to Costa Rica in the west – the TransPanama Trail.

The western half opened to hikers in June 2009. It spans mountainous regions with gorgeous scenery. Maps and photos can be found at www.transpanama.org.

Now, to begin mapping the eastern half, Rick Morales has set out on the first ever TransPanama Trail thru-hike, beginning at the Columbia border. Others will join him for sections. Rick left from the Colombian border on June 26 and plans to take 3 months to hike the 800 KM to Costa Rica. His journey is being documented on the blog: http://teamtranspanama.blogspot.com. A digitized SPOT track of the journey is at http://www.transpanama.org/en/envivo.

A branch of the TransPanama Trail will leave Panama City in the center of the country and veer toward the Caribbean Sea, following the Camino Real, a route developed in the 1400s by the Spanish to carry their pillaged gold and silver across to their galley ships. But, that’s an endeavor for the future. Right now, Rick and the other volunteers are focusing on the lengthwise route.

Of course, as with any trail building endeavor, the Panamanians have to deal with land rights issues. It’s never an easy or quick process. In Panama there are regions that are populated by indigenous tribes such as the Kuna and Embera. Part of the lure of hiking the TransPanama Trail will be the cultural experience of hiking through indigenous communities. In return, low impact tourism will help these communities remain self-sustaining.

Other allures will be the varied scenery, including views to the Pacific Ocean, plentiful crystal clear streams and waterfalls, and hiking through the tropics with its unique vegetation and animals.

As the first thru-hiker, Rick Morales is a true pioneer in the spirit of people such as Earl Shaffer (AT) and Eric Ryback (PCT). He is building a legacy that those of us who enjoy long-distance hiking will benefit from in years to come.

 Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Portland Oregon tops DogFriendly.com's 2011 list of the pet-friendliest vacation cities in the United States. Home to the famous and dog-friendly Rose Gardens and the Lucky Lab you and your dog would have a great time in Portland. These top cities are chosen for their pet-friendly accommodations, transportation, beaches, park, attractions, stores, dining and more. Here are the remainder of this y ear's Top 10:

2. Chicago - Visit the Navy Pier, dine in elegance, cruise on a pet-friendly tour boat or walk the parks of the city.

3. San Diego - The country's best dog beaches and trails and world class pet-friendly shopping centers.

4. Seattle - Take public transportation with your leashed dog. Many pet-friendly venues in a dog-friendly city.

5. Philadelphia - Get a famous cheese steak. See historic early American sites and stay in a downtown luxurious hotel.

6. Minneapolis - Great hiking trails and parks, pet-friendly dining. A pet-friendly atmosphere throughout.

7. Austin - Dog-Friendly parks. Outdoor cafes. Take tours and see the sites. See the Zilker Gardens and the Congress Street bats.

8. Alexandria/ Washington D.C. - See the capital's sites, walk in charming Old Town, take a dog cruise on the Potomac.

9. New York - Luxury hotels welcome dogs, Central park beckons, off-leash parks everywhere. Shop the famous stores with your dog.

10. Indianapolis - Many historical sites, Nature preserves, trails and parks. Many of the cities tourist sites can be viewed with a dog.

Honorable Mentions: Charlotte, Dallas, Nashville, Orlando, Raleigh.

For more details, visit http://www.dogfriendly.com/top10

Since 1998, DogFriendly.com has been providing information for people who travel with Dogs world-wide. Find the dog-friendly guides on the web, as a free iPhone app, Android app and mobile website and as paperback books and Kindle, Nook and other ebooks.

 Monday, 25 July 2011

Killington, VT (PRWEB) July 25, 2011 ~ New Affordable Fall Foliage Hiking and Kayaking Vacations at Appalachian Trail Adventures

Appalachian Trail Adventures (ATA) provides an affordable hiking and kayaking vacation with guided hikes in the Green Mountain National Forest for all abilities. ATA is excited the fall foliage hiking season is around the corner and reservations for prime fol
iage in October are filling up. Watch Vermont's Green Mountains transform as Mother Nature works her artistry coloring the mountainsides with brilliant oranges, reds and yellows mixed between the evergreen trees. ATA recommends a visit between September 23rd and October 10th for those leaf peepers seeking to experience the fall foliage at its peak color.

Appalachian Trail Adventures hiking vacations include daily transportation, guided hike, caving and kayaking adventure, excursion, breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodations starting at $198.00 per night, per person. Daily a la carte options are available including guided moonlight kayaking tours, massage, yoga, and tennis. Working with the local chef and a registered dietitian, ATA has produced a delicious spa menu balancing carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. Their chef is able to accommodate special dietary needs and restrictions adapting to hiker's diets.

"It's the best time of the year to go hiking, no bugs, cool temperatures and spectacular foliage colors. Vermont is well known for its fall colors, the changing leaves provide beautiful views along the hikes, kayaking adventures and drives. Our programs offer an affordable priced fall foliage packages for hikers who want to take advantage of everything this time of year has to offer. There is a program to suit just about everyone, from the single traveler, first time to experienced hiker, seniors, vegetarians, to couples," states John Keough, Founder of ATA.

A recent guest qoute "My friend and I went for a week over the July holiday. ATA totally exceeded my expectations-hiking in the morning, kayaking in the afternoon, good food & tasty microbrews at the lodge bar. I really can't say enough good things!" Kris from San Francisco

ATA's 2011 season runs to October 10th.

For more information please contact:
John Keough, Founder & Guide

 Friday, 22 July 2011

Chicago native Jeffrey Breslow is hiking a million steps and raising $50,000 in support of the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network (BCAN), the first national advocacy organization dedicated to advancing bladder cancer research and public awareness.

Starting August 2nd, Jeff will hike the 272 mile Long Trail in Vermont, starting at the border of Massachusetts and ending at the border of Can
ada. He is making this long trek in honor of his brother Gene and his dear friend David, both of whom have suffered from bladder cancer. The entire trek will take nearly the entire month of August, camping out most nights along the way. It will require approximately a million steps to finish.

So far, Jeff has raised more than $48,000 toward his goal of $50,000. The money he raises will go toward BCAN's efforts to raise awareness and find a cure for bladder cancer. His generous spirit runs in his family. His brother, Gene, has put in countless hours as a BCAN volunteer chair for the past three years.

Bladder cancer is the fifth most commonly diagnosed cancer in US, but most people know nothing about it. This lack of public awareness of bladder cancer leaves many bladder cancer survivors feeling isolated and alone. "On behalf of bladder cancer survivors across the country, BCAN thanks Jeff and Gene for everything they have done to increase awareness and raise money for bladder cancer research and education," said BCAN Executive Director Lawrence Rzepka. "We wish Jeff the best of luck with his walk, and look forward to following him every step of the way." Throughout his trek, Jeff will be posting regular updates on his blog and on the BCAN website.

The Long Trail is the oldest hiking trail in the US, and was blazed around 1910. It winds through pristine forests and across ridges of the glorious Green Mountain Range after which Vermont is named. For the first 100 miles it coincides with the Appalachian Trail, which Jeff hopes to tackle in the future.

The Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network was created in May 2005 as the first national non-profit organization for bladder cancer. BCAN's mission is to increase public awareness about bladder cancer, advance bladder cancer research, and provide educational and support services for the bladder cancer community. For more information about BCAN, please visit our web site at www.bcan.org.

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