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Hiking Navigation Skills - Outdoor Navigation

Hiking is making a journey - a journey with a starting and an end point. On this journey, you and your party are responsible for finding a way from the start to the end point. Even if you only plan to follow well-marked and well-maintained trails, it would be good to have knowledge about navigation and posses some navigational skills. Getting lost can be a very scary and possibly dangerous situation. With the correct navigation skills, you can avoid getting lost or find your path quicker should you get lost. In this section, we will teach you all the necessary Hiking Navigation Skills:

Using Hiking Maps Using Hiking Maps
One of the fundamental rules is not to head out Hiking without a good Hiking Map. In this section, get acquainted with the features of a good map and learn how to use these features to determine your location and stay on your Hiking Route.

Compass Navigation Compass Navigation
Aside from a Hiking Map, the use of a Compass can also help you to make sure about your location. This section is all about Compass Navigation. Know the different features of a Compass and learn how it can help in navigating and fidning your location.

GPS Navigation GPS Navigation
The use of a Global Positioning System (GPS) Device is the more modern approach to outdoor orientation and navigation. In this section, know the various features and uses of a GPS Device and learn how to navigate using the GPS.

Finding North Finding North
If you are lost or disorientated, a good first step would be to determine where north is. You will be able to know at least in what general direction you should be moving in. Learn how to use man-made and natural tools to determine where North is and find your way.

Determining your Altitude Determining your Altitude
If you know your altitude, you will be able to narrow down your possible locations on the map and it will help you to better translate the features around you to your location on the map. Take a look at some common ways to determine your altitude.

Make sure that you know at least the basics of Outdoor Navigation. It is essential to have the necessary navigational skills before heading out. Moreover, learn the features and uses of various devices that can aid you in determining your location.

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