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Hiking Techniques - How to Hike

Basic Hiking is Walking and thus does not require any great technical knowledge. However, there are a lot of things that separate a good hiker from a great hiker and those are the Basic Hiking Techniques. Once Hiking crosses over into all mountain traversing or more specific Hiking Disciplines, more technical skills come into play. In this section, we will take a close look at the basic Hiking Tips and Techniques.

Hiking Rhythm & Walking Rhythm Hiking Rhythm & Walking Rhythm
A good steady Hiking and Walking Rhythm will improve your overall Hiking performance, endurance, and pleasure. It will also increase the distance you can go and your overall comfort level. Know why Hiking Rhythm is so important and how you can learn and maintain a good Walking Rhythm.

Hiking Speed & Walking Speed Hiking Speed & Walking Speed
Take note of your Hiking Speed. It pays to know the advantages and drawbacks of fast and slow Hiking. In this section, learn about the strength of slow Walking. Also, know more about fast and slow Hiking and learn some tips on Hiking Speed.

Hiking & Resting Hiking & Resting
Resting should be done in regular intervals and should be an integral part of your Hiking Rhythm and Hiking Speed. It will help you in optimizing your performance. Having a steady rhythm in your hikes and resting periods will help you get through a day of heavy Hiking.

High Altitude Hiking Techniques High Altitude Hiking Techniques
camping gear

Hiking in high altitudes poses new challenges (such as lower oxygen content of the air and pressure changes) and requires a smaller step, slower Hiking Speed, and a steady Hiking Rhythm. This section focuses on some things to consider and guidelines on High Altitude Hiking.

River, Stream & Water Crossings River, Stream & Water Crossings
If you are engaged in Outdoor Activities, there may be instances when you need to cross rivers or lakes. This can be risky. In this section, we will give some important guidelines in crossing rivers and lakes. Learn how to deal with possible water hazards.

River, Stream & Water Crossings The Basic Hiking and Camping Skills
If you are new to hiking and camping, itís best to be guided by the pros. Just in case, here are a few hiking skills you may want to know.

River, Stream & Water Crossings Must Know Tips on Boots & Clothes During Cold Weather Hiking
Here are some precautions and need-to-know preparations to make sure your winter hiking trip will be a safe and successful one.

These are just some of the finer points of Hiking. Get the most out of your hikes by knowing these important skills and techniques.

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