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Pre-Hike Training - Training before a Hike

Prepare for your Hike by steady Training at least 2-3 weeks before your Hiking Trip The Getting into Shape for Hiking section gives suggestions in improving your overall physical Hiking Abilities. However, you will usually find yourself too busy to keep up such a training program and you then run the risk of suddenly being used to city life again. You become soft again. If you find yourself planning an extended Hiking trip then it would be wise to make an intensified physical preparation part of your Pre-Hike Planning.

Preparing your Hips & Shoulders for Hiking

Start your training program at least 2-3 weeks before the planned trip and get your hips and shoulders used to a heavy backpack by carrying a backpack whenever you see the opportunity to do so. Steadily increase the backpack load and the duration you are carrying it. If there is a rough terrain nearby, use it to train yourself on steep inclines and rough surfaces. By doing so, you will decrease the chance on skin irritations and abrasions on the pressure points of your backpack. Furthermore, it will train your muscles in carrying the load.

Preparing your Feet, Legs & Lungs for Hiking

Jogging and running are actually the best ways to work on your overall fitness level and at the same time, preparing your legs and feet for the rough times ahead. If possible, run on steep inclines which will dramatically increase the intensity of your workout and will prepare your feet, ankles, and knees for the differences in uphill, downhill, and even surfaces. Mix your backpack practice with intensive uphill/downhill running.

In general, you will want to increase your walking and physical exercise in the period before your Hiking trip. However, take note that physical preparation is just a small part in your overall Hiking Preparation so make sure to check our other articles in our Preparing for a Hike section.

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Article Comments
Tuesday 31st March 2009 at 11:39:47 PM  

i need a book for beginners on hiking and how to get prepared. a book for someone of no knowledge or ability in hiking, for someone who whats to get started in a new sport. what recommendations do you have?

Hiking Equipment
Friday 26th February 2010 at 10:24:35 AM  

Hi, I think itís very important to maintain a level of fitness, whatever that level is. I usually go on day hikes (between 4 to 10 miles) on a regular basis at weekends and thought my feet were well conditioned. I spent a week in the house without doing any walking during the week and the next weekend did 14 miles. My feet were very sore, I believe it was because of the short break! Keep it regular. Regards

Tuesday 16th November 2010 at 4:22:17 PM  

I have been on a few hiking trips but, I am still a beginner, and it has been several years and I would like to prepare for a trip in seven months.
Every time I go hiking I have trouble catching my breath. How do I condition my Lungs for alltitude? What is the ideal weight for hiking? Also, I have high blood pressure - do you have suggestions on taking easy trails, moderate trails? Thank you

Sunday 27th February 2011 at 2:08:22 AM  

I think the idea is to not be over weight check your height/weight index and to prepare just jog a few miles and find out how much you can do 5-6 should be enough and double that if walking do that twice a week and you should be able to do a medium trail

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