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Hiking Preparations - How to Prepare for a Hike

How you prepare for a hike will of course depend on your Hiking Plans. If you plan on doing a small 4-hour hike in your nearby woods then you can minimize your preparations. A multi-day expedition is of course a totally different story. In general, the rule is: 'If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail'. In this section, we will give details on what you need to think about when planning a Hike:

Before you make your Hiking Plans

Hiking Basics - Getting Started with Hiking Hiking Basics - Getting Started with Hiking
Getting started with Hiking could be as simple as putting on your shoes and heading out of your house to your nearby forest. Although it can be as simple as that, it is still wise to get familiar with its nature and its different aspects.

Once you have your Hiking Plans

Hiking Terrain Conditions - Analyze the Terrain Hiking Terrain Conditions - Analyze the Terrain
The expected duration of your hike and what you will need to bring with you on your Hiking Adventures will largely depend on the terrain that you will be hiking on. Know what terrain and terrain conditions you are going to be confronted with.

Hiking Weather Conditions - Weather & Temperature Hiking Weather Conditions - Weather & Temperature
Do not underestimate the effects of bad weather. Be informed about the Weather & Temperature conditions! Here are some guidelines on Weather and how to get informed about the local weather conditions and temperature.

Acclimatizing for High Altitude Hiking Acclimatizing for High Altitude Hiking
As you increase the altitudes that you reach in your Hiking trips, you will want to take the higher altitudes into account and be aware of the possible risks. Learn about the Dangers of Acute Mountain Sickness and how to properly acclimatize to Higher Altitudes.

Minimizing your Hiking Weight Minimizing your Hiking Weight
Preparing for a hike usually involves thinking about the overall weight of everything that you need to bring. There are basic rules in Minimizing your Hiking Weight. The less weight your carry, the more comfortable your hike will be.

What to Bring What to Bring
What ever you plan on doing while Hiking, the basic rule applies: take what you need and try to minimize the weight and volume of your baggage. Take a look at how to determine what to bring and what factors have to be taken into account.

Proper preparation is essential for your own safety, the safety of your Hiking Group, and of course the enjoyment of the trip. Be fully-equipped and mentally and physically ready before heading out.

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Monday 29th March 2010 at 2:47:47 AM  

This is very useful site/blog. It is a great pleasure finding all information needed in one place. Truly abc of hiking. Thanks guys, keep the good work out and .... Keep Walking :)

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