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Water Purification Shop

It is difficult to obtain potable water in an outdoor setting. It is therefore important to bring a Water Purifier or Filter with you to ensure that you will have safe drinking water for the whole trip. Take a look at our Water Purifiers which come in different designs and features. We have combined the inventories of several online retailers of outdoor gear and equipment. View those inventories here and compare prices.

Our 10 Most Popular Water Purification:       
Miox Purifier With Battery Water Purification

The Miox Purifier is an ultralight, super-compact water purifier. Perfect for large groups, extended trips, and disaster-preparedness. * Specifications: * Effective against: Protozoa,...

SweetWater Microfilter Water Purification

The MSR SweetWater Microfilter gives you a fast, dependable way to filter your water, and only adds 11 ounces to your backpack. This MSR water filter's lever-action pumps water on both up and down...

HyperFlow Gravity Kit Water Purification

After a grueling uphill trek, affix the MSR Hyperflow Gravity Kit to your MSR Hyperflow Pump for easy, pump-free filtering courtesy of gravity itself. The Hyperflow Gravity Kit takes the effort...

WW / MW Maintenance Kit Water Purification

The MSR Water Filter Maintenance Kit gives you the necessary extra parts to fix your MiniWorks or WaterWorks Water Filters out in the field. This MSR maintenance kit includes extra O-rings,...

MiniWorks EX MicroFilter Water Purification

The MSR MiniWorks EX is the best-selling filter on the market, delivering long-lasting, fully field-maintainable water filtration. Its durable ceramic element ensures protection, pumps water for...

Hyperflow Microfilter Prefilter Replacement Water Purification

Replace your worn out or misplaced Hyperflow prefilter with the MSR Hyperflow Microfilter Prefilter Replacement. This handy accessory removes large particles and gunk before the water reaches your...

SweetWater Purifier Solution Replacement Bottle Water Purification

Use the MSR SweetWater Purifier Solution with the SweetWater Microfilter and eliminate 99.99 percent of waterborne bacteria, viruses, and common protozoan parasites that your water filter can't...

Vario Ceramic Disc Water Purification

Keep the microfilter in your Katadyn Vario Water Filter going strong by giving it a new Vario Ceramic Disc. The Ceramic Disc lengthens the life of your microfilter so you can tackle trail after...

Combi Replacement Element Ceramic Water Purification

Katadyn's ceramic replacement filter removes bacteria and protozoans, including giardia and cryptosporidia.

Mini Replacement Element Ceramic Water Purification

The Katadyn Mini Replacement Element Ceramic is what you'll need when the element in your Mini Cermaic Microfilter goes kaput. This 0.2 micron ceramic depth filter is field-cleanable with the...


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